Safeguarding: Past Cases Review 2


Bishop Robert has issued the following statement to the Diocese on the launching of Past Cases Review 2 on safeguarding:

In the introduction to our revised and updated Diocesan Safeguarding Policy & Guidance last October, I wrote that:

“Safeguarding continues to be a top priority for me – and I expect this to be the case across our Diocese.  We have a duty before our Lord to enable the church to be a safe and secure place for all vulnerable groups.” 

In a bid to ensure that all cases in which there had been safeguarding concerns in the Church of England in the past had been dealt with correctly and in accordance with modern standards, there was a Past Cases Review in 2007.

As a church, we have recently been scrutinised by the UK’s Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.  The House of Bishops, in which I am privileged to represent our Diocese, wishes to ensure that our churches and church-related activities are as safe as possible for children and vulnerable adults, and so has committed all dioceses to undertake a second Past Cases Review (PCR2).


This Review will be significantly broader in scope than the original, as it will include the cases from the Past Cases Review, and in addition, look at the cases in scope for the Past Cases Review 2.  It is important that all known cases of concern about the behaviour of both clergy and church officers towards children and vulnerable adults have been considered and dealt with appropriately.

The Review will be carried out for every chaplaincy and congregation throughout the diocese, and a return will be required for each chaplaincy made by every chaplain (or churchwarden for chaplaincies in vacancy). 

I have therefore asked that all known instances of concern within chaplaincies are checked, both historically and currently, have been notified to the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor. Any which have not been notified should be reported immediately. For the purposes of this Review a church officer is taken to mean: “anyone appointed/elected by or on behalf of the church to a post or role, whether they are ordained or lay, paid or unpaid”.


The National Church Safeguarding Team’s deadlines require a tight timeline to progress PCR2 during this year.  Returns by chaplaincies have been required by 28 February 2020


Our new Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, Grace Fagan ( and her team are managing PCR2 as a key priority area of work under the guidance of a senior level ‘Reference Group’.  This Group will include vitally important abuse survivor representation.

If you should have specific queries relating to PCR2, you should contact:

Email: (with PCR2 marked clearly in the subject line)

Tel:  +44 (0)207 898 1150 and +44 (0)207 898 1163

For more information:

Further background information from the National Church about PCR2 can be found at:

Thank you for your co-operation and commitment to working with me on this further essential step in making our diocese a safe space. 


+Robert Gibraltar in Europe