Setting God's People Free


Archdeacon Adèle Kelham shares news with us on the Setting God's People Free initiative getting underway in the Diocese: 

The diocesan pilot project ‘SGPF Switzerland’ is getting underway with an embryo Team of 5 all set to attend their first DLC4 meeting in Bristol this month.   The Team (pictured) includes: Clive Atkinson, Adèle Kelham, Mary Talbot, and Jane Weber Miller – Clare Amos wasn’t able to meet, but will join us in Bristol.


SGPF Team CH - Feb20


In case you’re wondering what DLC4 might be, it’s the acronym for ‘Discipleship Learning Community No. 4’.

They will be meeting similar teams from across the Church of England – that’s a great breakthrough! Europe being included as a full participant along with other dioceses – it feels good!

The pilot project will involve all the chaplaincies in the Swiss Archdeaconry and before too long we expect to have a every one of them represented on the Team.

Setting God’s People Free is an initiative across the Church of England. Its aim is to enable the whole people of God to live out the Good News of Jesus Christ confidently in all areas of life, Sunday to Saturday. It’s backed up by the ‘everyday faith’ programme of consciously making God part of our everyday life.

This dovetails beautifully with our Diocesan Rule of Life, developed by Dr Clare Amos our Director of Lay Discipleship.  You can access Rule of Life material here:

For more information about SGPF, check the Church of England website: