Former Archbishop visits Poland


The Revd David Brown, Chaplain, Anglican Church in Warsaw writes:

At very short notice the congregation of Warsaw had the privilege and pleasure of Rowan Williams Preaching and Celebrating.   

The former Archbishop of Canterbury was present in Poland at the publishing of a book of short articles which had been translated into Polish by the Dominican Publishing Company in Poznan.




The book talks about a vision of Europe, the role of state and about how the modern society cannot survive without God, religion and moral values.

The congregation were most impressed by the Archbishop's kindness, gentleness, warmth and compassion.  He preached about the Wind of the Spirit coming to us all in different events and through sometimes through the most unexpected people.



The Bishop also visited Wroclaw and Krakow on his trip; and the Church of England here in Poland has started a new centre of worship in Wroclaw to join the Churches in Warsaw, Krakow and Gdansk.

Poland is a wonderful country and we very much welcome visitors from all over the world to our services and fellowship.


Photos: The Revd David Brown