Coronavirus: Diocesan Guidance & Updates


In current circumstances on Coronavirus, we’re re-shaping our Diocesan website coverage.

This news page will give you the latest Diocesan Guidance & Updates.

In addition, there are consolidated and new front-page advice, support, and resources published covering:

  • Prayer and reflection
  • Public health advice
  • Going Digital

Latest news (updated: 31 March 2020)


Message to the Diocese from Bishop Robert

Bishop Robert's Message is now available in several formats by clicking on the following links:


Diocesan Corona Co-ordination Group

The Diocese has established a senior level Corona Co-ordination Group.  It comprises of our Bishops, Archdeacons, Chief Operating Officer/Diocesan Secretary, and Director of Communications. 

The Group is convening regularly to consider and review issues relating to the Coronavirus pandemic, and make decisions on its implications for the Diocese. 


Following their last letter of 13 March, Bishops Robert and David have written to clergy and church wardens in the Diocese in the following terms:

"With regards to public worship, across the countries of the diocese it is clear there are now two realities:

1. In what is likely the majority of countries public worship is now not possible, by government or local authority decree. Our Chaplaincies are obliged to follow these measures. (Where Church Buildings are permitted to remain open for private prayer it is important for appropriate social distancing to be observed, and that care is given to what books, literature and pamphlets are available, so that the danger of transmission of the virus is kept to an absolute minimum).

2. There are a small number of countries where public worship has not been stopped by official authorities. In those places we recommend that the guidance of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York circulated to the clergy of the Church of England on 17 March is followed. The Archbishops recommend that public worship be suspended until further notice. Whilst this might not be legally required, nevertheless, the recommendation is prudent in order to minimise the possibility of viral transmission, even in places where official guidance has not reached this level of restriction, for whatever reason. It is consistent with our Christian responsibility and, indeed, love for our neighbours, and especially for the vulnerable in our societies. We encourage chaplains and chaplaincy councils to consider how they will implement this guidance. You can find further advice here: "


Giving to the Diocese in Europe

Please help us by giving what you can to support our mission and work across Europe in these challenging times. 

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Cover photo:  Markus Winkler on Unsplash