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Latest update: 6 April 2020


The BBC reported at the weekend on how a London church is worshipping without a congregation.  As we know, most parts of the Diocese in Europe have been locked down for several weeks now.  And our virtual worship continues to thrive.  This week, we catch a glimpse of livestreaming in Lanzarote.


Follows and Swallows:  Livestreaming in Lanzarote

“On the Canary island of Lanzarote, there has been lockdown for three weeks now,"   Chaplain of the Anglican Parish of St Laurence in Lanzarote, Fr. Stan Evans (pictured) tells us.


Not that this predicament has encumbered church activity in the chaplaincy.  Fr Stan and friends have gone online and have now streamed three services, starting on Mothering Sunday, 22 March, Passion Sunday, 29 March, and yesterday, 5 April, Palm Sunday.   You can view these services via this link.

The opening line in each of St Laurence’s online services “From Lanzarote to the World” is certainly borne out by its diversity of followers, looking St Laurence’s Facebook page. It says follows included “friends in Spain, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Australia, Canada, US, France, Belgium and most probably a lot of other countries.” 

Added to these international audiences, “livestreaming is also engaging locals, visitors and also those swallows who come and go," says Fr. Stan.

He adds:

“We are continuing to draw massive coverage for our virtual services. The response has been wonderful with some 350 joining us each week. This must be a new way of being Church!” 

For more on St Laurence's in Lanzarote see their website and Facebook pages:



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