Bishop Robert: "An Easter Sunday like none other"


In these times of Coronavirus, Bishop Robert led a virtual Easter Service from home. Introducing a Service of the Word to the 42 countries of the diocese, the Bishop said:

"This is an Easter Sunday like none other. For the first time in centuries, Christians do not have use of our churches for public worship. Like the first century Christians, we are gathering instead in our homes. "

He added that "even in the hardest of times, there is hope", despite the pain of physical separation and exile and that we can "gather virtually and in spirit to celebrate in word and song the good news of Easter."

The service was put together and delivered by Bishop Robert with his wife Helen, and virtually assembled contributions of readings and music delivered and performed by family members in London, Glasgow, Paris and Boston, Mass. 

Celebratory hymns and music for Easter Sunday included Jesus Christ is Risen Today, Now the Green Blade Rises, In Christ Alone, and Thine be the Glory.  A postlude was played on piano from Handel's Judas Maccabeus.

Easter service readings were from Acts 10 and Psalm 118. The Gospel reading taken from John 20 recounted the discovery of the empty tomb and the appearance of Jesus to Mary Magdalene.

In his address, Bishop Robert reminded us of the significance of different colours at Easter: Green, white, purple, red, black and gold. He said each of these colours has something to say about Easter: The green of new life; the white of service and care for others; purple with its depth and thoughtfulness; red and its struggle with suffering; black embodying sadness and mourning; or the triumph and joy of gold.  Bishop Robert invited us to reflect on which colours represent our feelings best this Easter. 



The Bishop added:

"Easter 2020 is an Easter unlike any I have known. All of us miss the togetherness of our natural families, and the togetherness of our church family. But perhaps the sense of isolation has given us a new sense of gratitude for simple things. It may have given us a new attentiveness to what is really important in life, and perhaps a new desire to draw near to God."

The video of the service has been viewed over 800 times since Easter Sunday morning, across the Diocese and beyond, including as far afield as the Grenadines in the Caribbean.   You can continue to enjoy and watch A Service for Easter Sunday on our Diocesan YouTube channel.




A Note on copyright:

This service included the words of hymns not in the public domain. These hymns are indicated below. They have been made available and streamed under CCLI Licence No 530031 held by the Diocesan Bishop's Pro-Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, Brussels.

  • Love has come again (Now the Green Blade Riseth) John Macleod Campbell Crum © Words: 1928 Oxford University Press Used by permission CCLI Licence No. 530031
  • In Christ Alone Keith Getty | Stuart Townend © 2001 Thankyou Music (Admin. by Small Stone Media) Used by permission CCLI Licence No. 530031