Coronavirus: Diocesan Guidance & Updates


This page includes information/guidance on:

  • Coronavirus: Guidance for Church Officers on public worship in our buildings (Update - 26 May 2020) 
  • Coronavirus 'exit plans' published by national/public authorities in countries across the Diocese, including guidance regulating churches, where this is available.
  • A Diocesan service this evening for the Commissioning of the People of God before the Feast of Pentecost

Latest update: 26 May 2020




Coronavirus: Guidance for Church Officers on public worship in our buildings (Update - 26 May 2020) 

Following guidance issued on 29 April, Bishops Robert and David have today issued an update.

The Bishops have again emphasised that:

  • In any country, the advice of the national government is of the first importance and must be consulted;
  • Clergy and chaplaincy councils need to pay close attention to national/provincial regulations, as well as drawing on the advice of our church partners; and
  • Where Public Church Services are again permitted by local law or state guidance, these can be celebrated either in church buildings or in the open air. However, Bishops’ advice is that services should only be held if principles of hygiene and physical distancing can be firmly adhered to.

To support service preparations to help people to resume physical service worship, this updated guidance today includes detailed key provisions on hygiene practice, seating and physical distancing, music, the conduct of services including the administration of Holy Communion, and cleaning of churches.  

We are currently preparing some visuals for chaplaincies to use, which we hope to make available in early June, to help guide people returning to church services.

There will be further guidance updates issued every two weeks from now on, publicised on the Diocesan website.

The Church of England continues to publish guidance for churches at

We continue to review this guidance as it issues, and to determine its implications for our Diocese, in our senior level Diocesan Corona Co-ordination Group.   


Coronavirus 'exit plans'

Countries in the Diocese are beginning to publish ‘exit plans’ as lockdown eases on a step by step basis.   

We’re currently able to provide and signpost sources so far covering the countries below, following updates to our Corona Co-ordination Group.  There will be more information, as it becomes available, both on national/sub-national local plans published by public authorities, as well as on guidance/regulations relating to churches. 

Plans in website links published by public and church authorities are normally in their official languages, and they have sole responsibility for their content.  Some websites offer English translations when clicking on the links.


Federal information: and various measures adopted:

The National Ecumenical Body (AGCK) has produced a set of guidelines that cover most worship scenarios and can be adapted for local use by any denomination.  Here is the AGCK Schutzkonzept in German and French versions:





A summary note on measures provided by the Archdeacon:













A Diocesan Service for the Commissioning of the People of God before the Feast of Pentecost

Following the well received Zoom service for licensed Clergy and Readers in the Diocese on Maundy Thursday, there will be another pan-Diocesan virtual event this evening for which invitations have issued to Licensed Clergy, Churchwardens, Readers, and locums serving in chaplaincies. Bishop Robert will preside and Bishop David will preach at the service. 

Following the service, there will be an opportunity to ask questions of the Senior Staff in the Diocese, including the Chief Operating Officer, Diocesan Registrar, Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser, and the Diocesan Director of Communications.

We will report on this event on the website.



Photo (Exit sign): Bernard Hermant on Unsplash