1 Jul 2020

A Day in the Life of the Diocese during Lockdown


The period during which we have been in lockdown due to Coronavirus across the Diocese has been demanding and challenging for us all.    

One of the key features of this lockdown period has been demonstrated readiness across the Diocese to embrace “going digital”.  To remember, record, and reflect on this period in the history of Europe, and of our Diocese, we’ve decided to commission a video production on the life of the Diocese under Lockdown resulting from the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Life across all parts of the Diocese will be represented in the video.  We’re looking to cover three main areas:

  • Prayer and worship
  • Supporting and caring for each other
  • Living everyday life

Here are a few, illustrative examples of what you might think about offering:

  • Prayer groups meeting virtually, a daily meditation, or excerpts from Sunday services
  • Talking about talking and connecting with each other during times of physical distancing
  • The activities that have sustained and nourished, what you have missed, not missed, or what you’re looking forward to doing again now that lockdown is easing.

We’re looking for contributions that look back on the period since mid-March, and you may have footage and contributions to share already from the many videos and photos we have seen taken across the Diocese.   We also want to consider life in the present, as well as include some reflections on hopes for the future.   

We anticipate producing a video with short video segments, and a large number of photos which, taken together, depict what daily life of the Diocese has been like in these times.  

You might instead want to share a written piece, and we welcome contributions of up to 100 words, so they can be well-presented digitally.   

If you have a contribution already, please email it to our Diocesan Communications inbox at 

In our Guide to how to film a good quality video there are hints and tips to help you.  Authenticity and sharing your experiences are what we're looking for.  Please get your phones and cameras at the ready! 

We’d like to receive all contributions by Wednesday, 8 July (tell us which chaplaincy you're from in your email) and we will then produce and release the video for the Diocese.