Video and live streaming on Diocese in Europe YouTube


As part of our Diocesan communications effort during the Coronavirus period, we've been putting more resource and effort into producing and sharing video material.   

Since mid-March, we’ve been adding more videos to our YouTube channel, including :

  • Bishop Robert’s message at the start of lockdown
  • Easter Sunday Service led by Bishop Robert
  • Sermon by Bishop Robert for the Anglican Communion weekly service
  • Pre-Pentecost service to honour and thank Churchwardens – highlights including Bishop David’s sermon
  • The Meaning of Pentecost 2020 sermon:  Bishop Robert

You may have taken part directly on Zoom or perhaps seen our live stream on YouTube of the #BlackLivesMatter prayer service in the Diocese on 12 June that included our “8 mins 46 secs” video montage.  A video of this service is currently in preparation.



More videos are planned on other Diocesan events and activities over the coming weeks and months, so do keep an eye on what’s on the channel and please join our growing subscriber base. 

We also intend to live stream more events to allow as many people as possible, across and beyond the Diocese to connect with what we’re doing.

We’re seeing some really encouraging results on our YouTube viewership.   Over 1000 views were recorded so far, for example, for Bishop Robert’s full Easter service video message; and the #BLM 8 mins 46 secs video (as pictured above) has already notched up over 100 views.

We’re already a truly international Diocese across our 42 countries, and it is also gratifying to receive messages from viewers as far afield as the Caribbean and South America telling us they’re enjoying watching!

You can find all of these videos, and more at the link to our Diocese in Europe YouTube Channel