New Diocese in Europe videos

Diocesan Synod Gathering:

This video features addresses, sermon and presentations by Bishop Robert, Bishop David and Andrew Caspari, plus breakout session contributions from Synod Gathering representatives on 23 June. It accompanies our latest issue of European Anglicans: Europe under Lockdown which focused on the Synod Gathering.

Diocesan “Restoration Service”:

This video includes the liturgy and sermon preached by The Revd Helen Marshall, Chaplain at St Ursula’s, Bern.  Over 250 people joined this service on Zoom on 7 July, which was also live streamed on YouTube.

Building the foundation for Europe on God, the Rock:

In this video, Bishop Robert addresses a European Parliament prayer breakfast.  He takes up the theme of Europe and building a house on God, the Rock, based on the Gospel passage from Matt. 7:24-27. 

Bishop Robert is speaking in this video at a time when EU is striving to put in place its decision-making in the EU “house”, on Covid-19 recovery and future financing for the Union.   A package of 1.8 trillion EUR was agreed on 21 July by EU leaders meeting in the European Council.   It comprises of a 750 billion EUR Covid-19 recovery package of grants and loans to EU Member States and their social and economic reconstruction needs to address the impact of the Virus, complementing national plans. 

In addition, there are Multi-Annual Future Financing (MFF) plans covering the next seven years (2021-27).  In accordance with the EU Treaties, the MFF plans now require EU budget resources to be approved by the European Parliament. 

The agreed package of measures, anticipated by October 2020, will be implemented by the EU institutions and Member States. This will be based on European Commission proposals and the legislative framework that applies to each policy area.   You can find out more on the EU’s plans at these links to the work of the EU institutions on Covid-19:

A Day in the Life of the Diocese in Lockdown

We are hugely grateful for contributions received from chaplaincies across the Diocese for this project, and how have been working on ‘going digital’ over these past months of lockdown. You can watch this here.