7 Sep 2020

Diocesan Facebook is back!


We know many of you like to use Facebook in chaplaincies across the Diocese and we want to use our social media as effectively as possible to reach people in our Diocese, the wider Church, and beyond.   

That's why we have decided to start posting again on Diocesan Facebook.  We've shared our diocese in lockdown video for the Facebook audience.  Look out for more posts on other stories this week. Here's the link.

Guidance on use

We want to re-establish Facebook as a social media forum that is a positive and attractive space for us to share our vibrant Diocesan life together.  Please help us to keep it this way.

Here is a link to guidance published by Facebook on its "Community Standards":

The Diocese also uses other social media platforms including Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Here are hyperlinks to guidance on the use of their platforms:




We also encourage sign up to the Church of England’s digital charter, which is a voluntary pledge encouraging individual Christians as well as churches to sign to help make social media and the web more widely positive places for conversations to happen.  Here is the link to the guidelines and sign-up.

We monitor our Diocesan social media platforms, and have taken action against inappropriate or offensive comment or imagery posted, including their removal.

You can also find guidance on the use of Diocesan social media in the safeguarding context at this link.

Please follow us, by clicking here !

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