7 Nov 2020

Prayer resources for the pandemic

As Bishops of the Church of England have issued a Call to Daily Prayer during this second lockdown for covid-19, Bishops Robert and David have issued a letter to clergy, churchwardens and readers of the Diocese in this season of remembrance, given added poignancy because of the pandemic.

The Bishops write:

“We encourage chaplaincies to join in with this in a way appropriate to your own contexts. Of course, we know that most of us already have a daily rhythm of prayer. But others may want to commit themselves anew to daily prayer at this time. If so, we attach some accessible resources and themes for prayer, which members of your congregations may wish to use – incorporating them into existing routines or setting aside a fixed time each day to pray using them.”

These new, illustrated prayer resources are published below.  You can download the full set via this link, and view each daily intercession:

In their letter, the Bishops urge chaplaincies to offer public worship, where it is allowed, in accordance with national regulations and our diocesan covid-secure advice.  We re-publish our Covid-safe church worship practice (SANITISERS poster and Guidance Notice) from July this year.