10 Nov 2020

Recruitment: Chaplain for the Bishop in Europe


The Bishop seeks a Chaplain to support his work in leading the Diocese.

Summary of responsibilities:

The Chaplain is responsible for:

-          Supporting the Bishop

-          Overall management of the Bishop’s Office

-          Supporting the strategic objectives of the Diocese.

The Chaplain has direct management responsibilities for the administrative staff of the office (PA, Administrative Secretary, Appointments Secretary). He/she will work closely with the Bishop and with the Bishop’s Attaché to the European Institutions/Director of Communications. He/she will have a key role in promoting internal communications within the diocese and its offices.

The first priority of the Bishop in Europe and his senior team is progressing the Diocesan vision and strategy, and all our work is set in that context.  The Bishop seeks a Chaplain to support his work in leading the Diocese.

The Bishop will appoint a prayerful, personally mature, theologically able and administratively efficient priest with substantial experience of the Church of England to act as his Chaplain.

The essence of the role is to do everything possible to assist the Bishop in serving the chaplaincies and congregations of the diocese.

The Bishop’s Chaplain is a senior post. The Chaplain will be a full member of the Bishop’s Staff Meeting and will be made a Canon of the Cathedral Chapter for the duration of the post.

For more information, and to apply for this post, click on this Church of England recruitment link

Closing date:  20 November 2020