31 Mar 2021

Safeguarding web pages

The safeguarding section of the Diocesan website has a new look. Find out more...

Visitors to the safeguarding pages will now find:

- all material in one place
- updated staffing information
- an updated list of forms
- easy access to training course bookings 

These changes were briefed to the March meeting of the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisory Committee (DSAC).

Head of Safeguarding, Grace Fagan said:

"I know how much people in the Diocese rely on the safeguarding information on the Diocesan website, and how important it is that it is accurate and kept up to date.  I am therefore very pleased that we have completed this refresh of both content and look of the safeguarding pages."

Director of Communications, Damian Thwaites added:

"Refreshing the content, look and feel of safeguarding pages on the diocesan website is a key example of how we are reshaping content and presentation on a digital platform. It has been achieved with the close support of Grace and Lisa, who have advised us clearly on their needs."

It is a key step forward in cleaning up and clearing out a very large amount of material this year on our current website — some of which dates back to 2013 — to provide a quality service for our users. 

We also need to know what content we will transfer to our new website in 2022, as part of our Digital Diocese project.  This clean-up effort will continue to progress through this year with the active support of senior content owners of each section of the website."