Save the Valletta Skyline Appeal: Event with Sir Max Hastings


Sir Max Hastings, acclaimed author, journalist and historian, will present his new book on Operation Pedestal, a pivotal wartime operation which saved Malta during the Second World War.  At a webinar for the 'Save the Valletta Skyline' Appeal, Sir Max will discuss his research on Malta’s Santa Marija Convoy, and participate in a live Question and Answer session.

Sailing from Britain in August 1942, carrying crucial supply items for Allied sea and submarine operations, Operation Pedestal was vitally important, yet little-known in ensuring Malta’s survival.  A costly, though strategic mission, the Santa Marija Convoy was bombarded with relentless attacks which resulted in some of the heaviest casualties for British forces during the Second World War.  

In an interview on his book with the Times of Malta, Sir Max said:

I wanted to honour the real bond bet­ween the Maltese and the British, both then and now. My research for the book made me realise just how bad things were for the Maltese and just how horrific the battle was for the Royal Navy. Yet Operation Pedestal boosted morale for both nations at that critical moment in the war – and, I believe, ultimately paved the way towards victory three years later.” 

The Chairman of the Malta Business Network (UK), David Walsh will open the event with Sir Max, with a welcome. Sir Martin Laing, Chairman of the 'Save the Valetta Skyline' Appeal, will give a message of thanks.

The stunning Valetta Skyline is renowned globally for its beauty. The ‘Save the Valletta Skyline’ Appeal was launched in March 2017 to save and restore St Paul’s Anglican Pro-Cathedral in Malta, a vital part of Malta’s rich cultural heritage.  You can read more about the Appeal in previous Diocesan website coverage here.



“During the Covid-19 pandemic and throughout the whole of 2020, all our fundraising events, both in the UK and in Malta have had to be postponed or cancelled and revenue for the restoration of the cathedral has suffered accordingly,” says Joanna Oswin, Chairman of the UK Events Committee for the 'Save the Valetta Skyline' Appeal. "This exciting webinar presentation by Sir Max Hastings on the Santa Marija Convoy – a critical naval battle in 1942 which ensured Malta’s survival – will, we hope raise awareness of the ‘Save The Valletta Skyline Appeal’ as well as raise important funds for the campaign.”



“Operation Pedestal: The Fleet that Battled to Malta 1942"


Sir Max Hastings 

1 June

4:00 pm BST / 5:00 pm CET

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There is no fee for registration, but the Appeal would welcome donations:


Valletta photos: Pixabay

Book cover reproduced with thanks to HarperCollins Publishers.