Diocese launches pledge on email use

The small envelope appears again in the corner of your screen to tell you: “You’ve got a new email!”   

What is your immediate reaction?  Do you look at the message now, wondering if it is really important?  Do you save the surprise for “later” … or do you think to yourself “not yet more email in my inbox!” … ?   That's what you may be thinking as recipient ... what about sending emails ... ?

The Bishop’s senior staff have been reflecting on the email challenges we all face and have developed a 100-word pledge on its use across the Diocese.  In a postcard message and a graphic, they introduce “5Cs” as a set of guiding principles before we click ‘send’ on our emails:

  • Correct
  • Considerate
  • Constructive
  • Collaborative
  • Concise

Diocesan Communications have produced versions of the pledge that may be used by members of the Diocese in email signature blocks, by simply copying and pasting the images.

This Diocese in Europe pledge on the use of email complements the Church of England digital charter and social media community guidelines to which the Diocese is also committed.    

Launching the Diocesan pledge, Bishop Robert said, 

“Our pledge today on the use of email underlines our commitment to creating a really positive, engaging and respectful communications culture within the Diocese.”