Flooding Disaster in Europe

Over the past week, devastating floods have affected Western Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and France. The numbers of lives lost, and of those still missing are still not yet fully known. Structural damage resulting from the floods has been massive across the affected areas. Flooding has also been reported in parts of Switzerland and Austria.

In a letter to the diocese, Bishop Robert and Bishop David expressed their deepest sympathy and support for all whose lives have been affected by these dreadful events. They have noted:

“Flooding has an almost unique capacity to cause devastation. Its effects last for many months after the events themselves. In these dreadful floods many have lost their homes and treasured possessions, and some have lost loved ones. Ahead there lies a massive task of restoring traumatised families and rebuilding shattered towns and villages. Naturally, a weather disaster on this scale presses again the need for all of us to confront changes in our climate. And these floods come at the end of a year when we have already suffered the pandemic.”

The Bishops have offered a prayer at this time:

Compassionate God, source of all comfort,

We pray for those whose lives have been devastated by rain and flood.

Comfort the bereaved and bring healing to those who are traumatised.

Give strength and compassion to those who bring relief and aid.

In the power of your Spirit we pray for the rebuilding of physical communities,

and for a shared sense of solidarity and trust in your goodness known through human kindness.

We pray in the name of our Saviour Jesus Christ, Amen.