General Synod Elections 2021: Voting Begins

The Elections for 3 lay and 3 clergy representatives of the Diocese in Europe to the General Synod for the next 5 years are underway.  The elections are being conducted online this year and all qualified electors for the House of Laity and House of Clergy (Proctorial) election are receiving the details by email. 

Votes have to be cast by 16:00 BST Wednesday, 6 October 2021.

In the House of Laity election the electors are:

The lay representatives directly elected by chaplaincies to their archdeaconry or deanery synod.

In the House of Clergy (Proctorial) election the electors are:

Bishops, priests or deacons in the diocese (subject to the exceptions below) if in one of the following categories:

(a) Assistant bishops in the diocese (but NOT members of the house of bishops of the diocesan synod);

(b) Archdeacons of the diocese;

(c) Clergy licensed under seal by the bishop of the diocese; and

(d) Clergy with permission to officiate who are also members of an archdeaconry or deanery synod of the diocese.

The following are not qualified electors:

(a) the diocesan and suffragan bishop,

(b) the dean of Gibraltar,

(c) all Forces chaplains,

(d) the Chaplain-General of Prisons,

(e) electors in the universities and TEIs constituency,

(f) members of Religious Communities.

Below in alphabetical order is a list of the candidates for each House and the election statements they submitted.

House of Clergy

  • The Reverend Canon David Bruce Bryant-Scott
  • The Reverend Louis Peter Darrant
  • The Reverend Dale Hanson
  • The Reverend Robert Kean
  • The Reverend Tuomas Mäkipää
  • The Reverend Canon Smitha Prasadam
  • The Reverend Canon Dr Medhat Sabry
  • The Reverend Richard Seabrook

House of Clergy Statements can be found here

House of Laity

  • Mr Clive Billenness
  • Mr David Coulston
  • Mrs Petra Elias
  • Mr Robin Hall
  • Mrs Rosette Muzigo-Morrison
  • Ms Mary Talbot
  • Mr Simon Urquhart
  • Mr Caleb Victor
  • Mrs Alison Walley

House of Laity Statements can be found here

If you have any queries about the elections please email: 

or the registry on