Covid-19: Revised Guidance


Bishops Robert and David have issued revised Guidance. This includes important updates covering public worship in our buildings in the diocese.

They note in a letter to Church Officers that 'as Christian communities, we want to encourage the kind of flourishing spiritual and community life that is much better enabled when people gather without too much restriction. On the other hand, our commitment to love our neighbours as ourselves means we must have a particular care for vulnerable people. All chaplaincy councils will need to weigh these different considerations.'

In current circumstances, there are two important updates covering decision-making and the use of the Common Cup. On these points, the bishops have indicated:

  • Where national, regional or local law and guidance are more liberal than Diocesan Guidance, chaplains and chaplaincy councils are free to adopt local rules, if they so decide. Responsibility for these decisions rests with the chaplaincy council.
  • As regards the use of the Common Cup, having considered the matter carefully, and taking medical advice, the Bishop’s senior staff have decided that we should amend our Guidance to allow for re-introduction of the common cup in specific and controlled circumstances.  These are set out in the Annexe to the Guidance.

You can read here the revised Guidance in full, which will be posted also on the Covid resources page.


Cover photo: Bernard Hermant on Unsplash