Email scam

Diocesan communications has learned of a current email scam, and we encourage everyone in the diocese to be alert.   The scam seeks to extort money from parishioners in the form of vouchers.  

The details we have so far are:

  • A plausible sounding church email address created on AOL as if it could come from a chaplain.  One example is:
  • The quality of the English is good
  • A request to send iTunes or Apple voucher card images “aimed at surprising some of our diligent staff and members with vouchers this week and that “I want to handle this personally and it should remain confidential”.
  • A large amount of money is requested, in Euros (one example seen asks for 1500 EUR).
  • The sign off could also sound plausible from a chaplain, e.g., “Blessings”

If you receive an email like this you are advised:

  • Not to send any money in response to this email, in whatever form. It is almost certain to be a fraudulent scam;
  • To contact your chaplain to advise that you have received the email; and
  • To retain the email until advised to delete it, should it be needed for investigatory purposes.

We invite chaplains to keep Diocesan Communications informed, if this Email scam is circulating among members of your congregations.

Contact us at: