4 Feb 2022

HM The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The Platinum Jubilee celebrations during 2022 for HM The Queen were announced last month, and this weekend is Accession Sunday (6 February). This will mark 70 years since The Queen’s Accession to the throne.  The Church of England has prepared a range of liturgical resources for Accession Sunday services.

In his recent radio interview on TWR, Bishop Robert said two things stand out about The Queen:

“… her constant sense of duty and her devotion to God. She speaks openly but humbly about her faith, especially in her annual Christmas broadcasts. There are very few other people in British public life, at least, who are able to demonstrate a living faith in such a natural and appealing way. She is one of the church’s most effective evangelists.  

The platinum celebration strikes a particular chord in Covid times. Because it is when we feel vulnerable to age and sickness that we can most benefit from the inspirational life of someone who is of great age herself and who has been through many trials herself. Through decades of challenges she has simply carried on, and she inspires us to carry on too.”

In the Diocese in Europe, we are preparing to join the celebrations with an invitation to everyone across the diocese and beyond to commemorate the connections between the monarch and the countries and territory of the diocese.

Did you know Her Majesty has visited over 40 locations in the Diocese on State Visits and Commonwealth Visits during her reign?

The Royal Household has published chronological lists since 1952 of State Visits from Norway to the Federal Republic of Germany and Commonwealth Visits which include several to Gibraltar and Malta in our diocese.

Do you or people you know have memories they would like to share of these Royal Visits, or do you have ideas on sourcing materials?  We would be particularly delighted to receive photographs of Visits. If you should have historical and personal material to share requiring delicate handling, please do get in touch with us. Please kindly mark "Platinum Jubilee" in any subject line email to us addressed to:

We’re looking to gather contributions by 29 April.  You can read more about events planned for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee here.