International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Written by The Revd Smitha Prasadam, Chaplain at St Alban’s, Copenhagen and The Bishop’s Advisor in BAME concerns

We celebrate the glorious diversity of the Diocese in Europe with people of every nation and tongue enriching Christian worship and witness and anticipating the great vision of people gathered on God's holy mountain. "We belong together" says the Racial Justice Working Group as they urge everyone to recommit to God's reconciling love by risking hope, crossing divides and repairing relationships this week and every week. "This will help us to reflect more fully the life of the Trinity - creative, distinct and different, yet one," they say.

As we mark Racial Justice Week, we are conscious that as broken humanity, conscious and unconscious bias continues to affect us. Thoughtless words,  hurtful actions and our inability to sometimes see each other as sister and brother.  

Archbishop Stephen Cottrell said this week: "The way we live in a Christ centred and Jesus Christ shaped church there can be no room for racism. We must honestly, and painfully, and penitently confess that racism is a gaping wound in the body of Christ."

Words matter.  They can separate or unite, hurt or heal, reject or reconcile.  Let us use words of prayer for God's leading. Helpful resources can be found here.