Gibraltar Archdeaconry Synod 2022

Joan Berry shares this report with us, on behalf of the Synod Standing Committee.

When the Standing Committee met in September to plan synod 2022, we believed that Covid-19 was on the decline and planned to meet in person. Unfortunately, the omicron variant arrived which necessitated us having to hold another virtual meeting between 1-3 February. 

The Bible Study was led by Bishop John Pritchard (retired). Using the passages of the ‘Good Samaritan’ and the ‘Washing of the disciples feet’, Bishop John spoke as if he was one of the people actually there at the time. This was a wonderful way to get the message across and very much enjoyed by synod members.

There was the usual business section which included the financial report and Bishop Robert joined us briefly to say a few words of welcome.

Presentations were given by the Diocesan Office Staff with updates on finance, Safeguarding and Communications.

A new branch of the Mother’s Union has opened in Palma Mallorca and the Revd Deborah Chapman, who is the MU Chaplain, gave an insight into the work of the MU and encouraged chaplaincies to consider starting up their own branch.

This Archdeaconry has for a number of years had strong links with the Anglican Diocese in Peru and we support them through donations and prayers. Revd Deborah Chapman is our link to them and she arranged video links with Bishop Jorge Aguillar and Father Luis Vizcarra, who have both visited us in the past. It was wonderful and quite moving to see the work they do in their parishes.

David Coulston gave a presentation on the Clergy Covenant and Revd Beth Bendrey spoke about Living in Love and Faith and her chaplaincy’s experience of the video course.

Bishop David gave an excellent talk looking at some of the general effects of covid and considering it from a Christian perspective as a Kairos time; a time for opportunity.

Synod would not be complete without the closing quiz and many members took part in that.

Next year, God willing, we shall meet in person!