Easter Highlights 2022: Alleluia, Christ is risen!

Alleluia, Christ is risen!

After spending two Easters in some form of lockdown, our chaplaincies and their communities celebrated the risen Christ in person, in person: some inside buildings, others outside and others embracing hybrid Church by meeting online.

Worship was celebrated across our diocese with a visibly increased sense of creativity and faithfulness.

In his Easter Message, Bishop Robert said, "This year, many in our European continent are anxious; many are suffering; many are separated from those they love. For these, and for us all, we pray for the light, the peace, and the hope of the risen Christ to be made known afresh in our minds and our hearts. God bless you richly this Easter."  You can watch his full message here.

Public Prayers for Ukraine in Palermo

Bishop David spent his Easter weekend at Holy Cross, Palermo, which proved to be a particularly special occasion. He preached at their Easter Sunday service, conjoined with one baptism and one confirmation. Bishop David’s Solemn Liturgy on Good Friday ended with public prayers for Ukraine. More images can be found on Bishop David's blog.

Baptism and Confirmation by Bishop David at Holy Cross, Palermo

Revd Dr James Hadley, Chaplain at Holy Cross, Palermo, said, "It was a joy to celebrate the Easter Vigil in Palermo with Bishop David Hamid. Congratulations to Jon, who was baptised and confirmed, and Carola, who was received into the Church of England at Holy Cross.

Thank you to the many parishes who shared their photos on social media.

Revd John Poole from St. Francis, South Tenerife (pictured above), posted:

"If it hadn't been for Easter, there would be no Christmas. Let that sink in for a moment", he continued, "Holy Week and Easter stretch us, demand of us real and deep faith, faith in a God who can overcome suffering and death, a God who can give new life to a tortured and brutally destroyed human being."

"The Resurrection of Christ affirms God's love for the world, for us, God's approval of all that Jesus said and did” Revd John continued "Easter Day proclaims that Jesus rose from the dead to offer a new and wonderful companionship to his followers...that the risen Christ is with us, that he is infinitely and intimately linked to us."

His closing prayer was, "May our dim eyes of faith be opened so that we can see him more clearly. And in every experience of our lives, may we know his presence and power more vividly, giving us the eagerness and energy to work and speak for him with ever-growing courage, confidence and commitment."

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Meanwhile, enjoy this montage of photos across your Easter Sunday gatherings.