Registration opens soon for diocese’s lay training course

Potential applicants are being urged to consider signing up for the diocese’s lay training course, ‘Walking Together in Faith’, which will be launched in late September. The course is open to all lay members of the Church – from people simply looking to learn more about the Christian faith to individuals exploring the possibility of formal lay ministry.

The multi-media course has been designed to be very flexible and will be accessed via the online platform Moodle. Participants are encouraged to join a local group, but for those for whom that is not possible there will be online options. They can also choose their level of engagement – applicants can opt to use the course as a free study guide but, for a small fee, can also register, submit work for assessment and be awarded a Bishop’s Certificate in recognition of their achievements.

Director of Lay Discipleship, Dr Clare Amos – one of the key figures behind the course – is looking forward to getting started.

‘I am really pleased and excited that this course to encourage lay learning and lay discipleship in the Diocese in Europe is being launched very soon,’ she said. ‘This course is designed to encourage you, as part of a worshipping Christian community, to explore and deepen your faith. If you have already undertaken a course such as Alpha, a confirmation course, or the Church of England Pilgrim course, it will encourage further learning.

‘I am very grateful to the members of the group of people, lay and ordained from several parts of the diocese who have been working with me over the last couple of years to produce what we believe will be interesting and accessible material for Christian learning.

The course comprises four modules each with five sessions and will run over 12 months. Module One, ‘Knowing God’, begins by exploring prayer. There’s more information about the course content in the summer edition of our magazine ‘European Anglicans’.

The registration process for applicants is being finalised. Details of how to sign up will be published soon. In the meantime, any inquiries about the course should be sent to Dr Clare Amos at