Diocese joins the European Climate Pledge

The Diocese in Europe is proud to have become one of the first faith-based organisation in Europe to have a validated ‘Climate Pledge', issued by the European Commission, for its climate change mitigation efforts.

The Climate Pledge is a symbol of the diocese’s commitment to contribute to the EU’s goal of becoming carbon-neutral by 2050 and move towards a more sustainable world.

We are also determined to transform our intentions into practical action. This means progressively shrinking the carbon footprints of the buildings we use, the journeys we take, and all aspects of our lives as a church community, at diocesan, archdeaconry, and chaplaincy level.

This initiative calls on individuals and organisations to take action, by outlining steps they will take to address the climate crisis. Our pledge stems from the diocese’s commitment to work towards net zero emissions by 2030, as enshrined in the Caring for Creation policy and the programme of activities, adopted by the June 2022 Synod.

'Our objective for the diocese to become climate neutral in eight years is extremely ambitious – putting it “out there” publicly as a Climate Pledge is definitely an act of faith!,’ said Zélie Peppiette, a member of the Diocesan Caring for Creation Working Group and “Climate Ambassador”, who steered us through the Climate Pledge application process.

‘I liken it to loaves and fishes: knowing that God is with us, that He graciously welcomes all that we offer, and can transform it according to His power and purpose. It’s a collective effort, and I hope every chaplaincy feels encouraged to start on their own journey to net zero, however small that first step may be.’ she continued.

If as a chaplaincy you feel this is all rather remote, and are not sure how it may link to your church activities, and what might be relevant for you, a good starting point is to register for Eco Church [Eco Church - An A Rocha UK Project ] and work through the survey questions.

Joining the Eco Church model demonstrates the importance we as Christians give to caring for God’s creation, and to climate justice for all His children.