Creationtide 2022

God made the world and He loves it. He wants us to love it and enjoy it too.

Each year during Creationtide we are encouraged to focus on the wonderful world that God has created and to spend time interacting with nature. This year the season runs from 1 September - 4 October, with the theme 'Listen to the Voice of Creation'. 

Although you may not live in the countryside, you can still do this.

If your daily environment is urban, take time to notice the trees lining the streets, small plants pushing their way through cracks in the pavement and birds flying overhead. There is more to see than you may think!

Creationtide reminds us of the joy and solace we get from the natural world, as well as calling us to reflect on the damage that humans continue to inflict on God's masterpiece. This season also reminds us of the impact of our actions on fellow human beings and other creatures.

We are called to recognise, lament, repent and then engage in a new relationship with our environment, as part of our faithful walk with our Creator.

The Diocesan Caring for Creation (C4C) Working Group hopes that chaplaincies will find this short video featured below helpful. It’s designed to be included in services during Creationtide, as an aid to reflection and a call to action.

Inspired, but not sure where to start?

As it says in the video, three solid steps that chaplaincies can take to move ahead with awareness of our responsibility as Christians, and the actions we can take to make a difference, are to register for:

Eco Church

An A Rocha UK Project (specific sign-up instructions for Diocese in Europe chaplaincies can be found here).

Appoint a Local Environment Officer for the chaplaincy

A suggested job description can be found here.

The Diocese in Europe already offers some resources to support chaplaincies’ Caring for Creation activities and the C4C group is working to provide more.

Add your voice by filling out our short survey

Please let us know your thoughts on the climate crisis. Your feedback will help us create resources that are useful to you. 

In advance, thank you for your time.

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