Bishop Robert reviews 2022 in radio interview

Bishop Robert has been looking back at some of the big events of 2022 in a wide-ranging interview broadcast on UCB radio.

The war in Ukraine, the death of Queen Elizabeth, the impact of climate change and the Lambeth Conference were among the topics covered in the 50-minute interview which was broadcast on UCB1’s Talking Point on 30 December.

In it Bishop Robert describes meeting local people during his recent visit to Ukraine – and having to install a bomb alert app on his phone - recalls his meetings with the Queen, which included a weekend stay at Sandringham and reflects on a “scary summer” in France because the heatwave and drought. ‘Addressing climate change is fundamentally a spiritual issue,’ he tells presenter Paul Hammond.

You can listen to the interview here. Scroll down to find Talking Point on UCB1 at 9am on 30 December and spool forwards - the interview starts after one hour and five minutes.