Stories from people impacted by the conflict in Ukraine: One year on

The war has claimed at least 40,000 people's lives, 140,000 buildings have been reduced to rubble, and approximately one-third of Ukrainians have been displaced. 

In the video above, we spoke to some of those affected by the conflict, including displaced Ukrainian refugees, and asked them what they would like to share with the world, one year on.

As one displaced father and son explained: “The shelling was very disturbing. We were shocked and we were afraid – of course… But it was crossing that border and immediately receiving such great support that gave us the strength to continue.” 

All refugees have experienced their own hardships and gained strength from knowing they were not alone, and feeling support from across the world. They spoke of the importance of prayer from across the Christian communities alongside the financial and humanitarian aid.  

In the words of Eeva Paycor, a Teacher at St George, Caritas in Western Ukraine: “We are part of a Christian community that prays for us, together with us.” 

You can hear from the Ukrainian refugees themselves on the Diocese in Europe YouTube channel or above.