New LGBTI+ Liaison Officer for diocese

Revd Louis Darrant is chaplain at Malaga, and is also proud to be the new LGBTI+ Liaison Officer for the Diocese in Europe.  

Fr. Louis is excited about the role, which he took up from February 2023. He has worked as chaplain as Malaga for the past three years, working with the congregation across three churches with a richness and diversity of traditions and communities.   

The late Rev Peter Jackson previously held this role in the diocese, and Louis is keen to build on the work which has already been developed.  

“I see the role as having three areas of focus. Firstly to support individuals and chaplaincies with any questions or concerns relating to LGBTI+ issues, sharing ideas and linking people together to learn from each other. Secondly to act as an advisor and sounding board for the Bishops and their leadership team, and thirdly looking to support everyone across the diocese as we continue to be a place of inclusion and belonging for everyone, existing in a state of love and welcome for all. This is especially important as we, alongside the whole Church of England, look to roll out the work from Living in Love and Faith.” Fr Louis shared.