Care for creation cook book – we need your recipes!

We are aware of the importance of caring for God’s Creation, our beautiful Planet Earth. Many of us have taken steps to improve our Carbon Footprint, but others are unsure as to what they can do to help. One thing we all do is eat! And our eating habits have an amazing effect on our carbon footprint.  

St Vincent’s, Algarve is producing an online “Cookbook“ full of amazing meals that fulfill this criteria. Can you help?

They'd love to have other chaplaincies, churches and Christians share their favourite recipes with them for publication. All those used will be acknowledged, and if you’d like a photo of yourself or your church, please supply one with the recipe, and send to Tricia and Chris Wells on


  • No beef, dairy, lamb, goat recipes please.
  • Local foods, lots of fish, eggs, chicken. Perhaps some pork.
  • And many vegan and vegetarian recipes that you think will inspire people to enjoy this healthy way of life for our planet. 
  • And not forgetting dairy free desserts. 

This season of Lent we could all make a commitment on our food choices. 

A bit of denial could help our waistlines, our heart, and our faith. As well as being an important contribution to saving our planet.  

So have a look at the links below to advise on substitute recipies in the meantime.

Live, eat and learn to reduce your carbon footprint, and remember to send Tricia and Chris your recipes!