Jane Tells The Queen I’m From The Diocese In Europe

At this year’s Royal Maundy service in York Minster, in glorious Spring sunshine, Jane Castrucci from All Saints Rome represented the Diocese in Europe. Because it is her Diamond Jubilee year the Queen requested that each of the Church of England’s 44 dioceses should be represented.

Jane has worshipped in the English congregation of All Saints Rome for over 50 years and was nominated by the Bishop for the honour. The Venerable Jonathan Boardman, from All Saints Rome says; “Jane has served as on the Archdeaconry Synod for about twenty years, and was recently Church warden for three years. She is an untiring worker for myriad charitable causes, pouring out homemade items for sale which benefit not only All Saints' but all sorts of different causes.”

At the ceremony Jane was accompanied by her two sons Robert and Thomas. Afterwards she said she was overawed by the enormity of it all. As the Queen handed out the specially minted Maundy money she asked Jane which diocese she represented and was suitable impressed to be told “Europe, Ma´am, I´m from Rome.”

Jane is looking forward to sharing accounts of the experience with fellow worshippers in Rome who will also be impressed to see for themselves the Maundy money.

(Pictures provided by Canon Arthur Siddall, a former Archdeacon of Italy, and Hon Sec of the Friends of the Diocese.)

Arthur Siddal in York