Bible Gifts From Paris To Athens

In the early evening of Easter Day, Canon Malcolm Bradshaw, Chaplain of St Paul’s, Athens, was the guest preacher at the Pentecostal Tabernacle of ‘Faith Apostolic Ministries’ Athens, a worship centre located in a neighbourhood of central Athens  where the greatest concentration of migrants and refuges reside.  

Fr Malcolm says “The Tabernacle is a converted basement area. The reason for this preachment was to celebrate a gift of fifty Bibles in French which was made available through the generosity of St. Michael’s Church, Paris.  Pastor Jimoh Adebayo, the minister who  founded this Pentecostal  Tabernacle, And a Nigerian by birth, works in partnership with Fr Malcolm and the Orthodox Archdiocese of Athens in distributing 800 meals to the homeless and migrants of central Athens  by means of the  ‘Church in the Street’ programme.  This programme has entered into its fourth year. Of late, at the Tabernacle, Pastor Jimoh has found himself hosting French speaking migrants from Algeria, the Cameroons and the Congo.  From these migrants came the request for Bibles in French. 

“Given the cost of obtaining such Bibles in Athens, Pastor Jimoh approached Fr Malcolm who subsequently turned to the Revd Philip Mounstephen of St Michael’s, Paris, enquiring if his congregation could help. Within three weeks the Bibles arrived in Athens. They were most gratefully received by the French speaking members of the Tabernacle of Faith Apostolic Ministries .This gratitude was deeply and genuinely expressed in a Pentecostal celebration on Easter Day.”

Photograph by Chris Eze Udeh