Written History – And A Little Mischief - In Hungary

Bishop Geoffrey enjoyed a visit to the Anglican church in the Hungarian Capital, Budapest, during the first weekend in May and shared their joy at recently being registered as an official church in that country, legally recognised by the Hungarian parliament.

When he came to sign the register of services at St Margaret´s, as is normal with all resident and visiting clergy and officiants, he found evidence of less happy days for the worshippers with a reference to the Revolution in 1956 which marked the beginning of the struggle for independence.

That first page of the register dating from Good Friday 1956 includes the signature of Bishop George Bell ‘George Cicestr’ (Bishop of Chichester) in it. A little later on in the register there are the signatures of Robert Runcie (when Bishop of St Albans) immediately above that of Donald Coggan (Archbishop of York). Bishop Geoffrey observes that Donald Coggan’s does not have a + in front of it, which used to annoy Michael Ramsey who, if he found it in a register would add the +. Apparently when Michael was asked what Donald thought about it, he naughtily replied that he thought he was ‘non-plussed’!