Diocesan Changes Given Final Approval In York

Plans to bring the Diocese in Europe into line with the other 43 dioceses of the Church of England with regard to its Diocesan Synod and decision making have moved another step forward with the Draft Measure for Europe being given Final Approval after a debate on Saturday afternoon (7 July 2012) during the General Synod sessions in York University.

The changes which will now go on for further approval beyond the Revision and Final Stage approval. The process will now move to the Legislative Committee of the General Synod explaining the changes to Parliament so that they may be sent for approval in the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Ultimately the new Diocese in Europe Measure would then need Royal Assent before coming into force.

Another result of the changes would allow funding assistance which the Diocese has not previously had and could lead to the appointment of four full-time Archdeacons who would replace the present 7 Archdeacons who currently have to undertake their own parochial duties in addition to their wider ranging commitments.

Bishop Geoffrey said after the debate that he was delighted to receive the support and approval of so many members of Synod who appreciated the work done within the Diocese in Europe.