Bishop’s Message After Synod Debate On Women Bishops

Bishop Geoffrey said today (9 July 2012)

“The General Synod in a sensitive debate expressing a number of different viewpoints voted to adjourn the Final Approval of the Measure to permit women to be consecrated as bishops until a special November meeting.  This was in order to ask the House of Bishops to reflect further on one of two amendments the House of Bishops had made to the legislation.  This particular amendment was concerned with the consonance of theological conviction between any male bishop requested by a parish unable to accept the ministry of women bishops and the theological stance of the particular bishop invited to undertake ministry in that parish.

“This amendment had been welcomed by “traditionalists”, catholic and evangelical, but was considered by supporters of women bishops to be discriminating against women. The House of Bishops was asked to revisit this amendment to see what if any improvements might be made. It was important that the encouragement given to “traditionalists” by the contested amendment was not lost.

“It is to be hoped that this further space for prayer, reflection, and engagement by those coming from different perspectives should be seen as a real opportunity to find a way for the Church to hold in unity those of differing but honourable theological convictions.”