Swiss Treasure Hunt Helps Zambian Orphans

Members of Neuchatel Church in Switzerland have been discovering more about their neighbourhood and environment in a Treasure Hunt in aid of Cecily’s fund, which supports Zambian orphans. The walk took them along Lake Neuchatel and attracted a lot of local interest on the way. Each group of participants had to complete a quiz on the places and things they observed.

This unusual monument (pictured below) is in memory of Maurice Brevard whose failed attempt to shoot Hitler in a Nazi parade in 1938, led to his execution in the notorious Ploetzensee prison in Berlin.

unusual monument Neuchatel

Neuchatel quiz marking


Quiz sheets were marked, prizes distributed, and the whole afternoon finished with traditional campfire songs and the grace. We were delighted that we had visitors from another church as well as those who were new to us altogether. "And best of all", say church members, "we were able to send a contribution to Cecily’s fund."