Graduation Day At St Andrew's Moscow

Canon Simon Stephens writes; “St Andrew's Moscow is the home of ('Vverkh' or 'Step-Up') a Post Orphanage Education Centre, where more than 20 dedicated staff provide further education and social skills, six days a week, to over 100 Russian social and biological orphans annually! Russia is greatly challenged by the 600 000+ orphans in its institutions across this vast country. After leaving the orphanage system at 16-18 years of age, most of these young people have few skills or job opportunities. St Andrew's Moscow is privileged to be able to work alongside 'Step-Up' as it offers these young people the gifts of love and hope together with further education.

“Financially the Post Orphanage Education Centre is living very much on the edge! Any chaplaincies within the Diocese in Europe who would like to support this very important work, either financially, spiritually, or both, should contact the Chaplain, Canon Simon Stephens, at .”


Moscow graduation