Diocesan Decisions – Synod Members Required

There are just 3 weeks left for nominations to be made for the new sessions of Diocesan Synod which will run for 3 years from 2013-2015.

Elected members are likely to oversee a most exciting period in the Diocese’s history – with plans for full-time Archdeacons and more powers for the Synod expected to come into effect during that time.

The Diocesan Synod is the main policy making body of the diocese and the forum for the discussion of issues important in diocesan life.  It meets annually – in Cologne in recent years – over four days each May/June.  All members are also members of the Diocesan Board of Finance which is responsible for the custody and management of diocesan finances. 

Candidates may be nominated from a wide range of church members across the Diocese. All lay persons who are:

(i)            actual communicant members of the Church of England or of a Church in communion with that Church;

(ii)        aged eighteen years and upwards;

(iii)       on the Electoral Roll of any chaplaincy in the diocese;


Electors are laity who have been elected as Archdeaconry Representatives by their chaplaincies.  It is vital that the diocesan database has an up to date record of electors: please ensure that this office receives a note of any changes there may have been to your archdeaconry or deanery representative since election in 2011.  


For the election of members of the House of Clergy, any clergy holding a Bishop’s Licence may stand: electors are all licensed clergy who were in post during June.


Please do consider standing for Synod: it is vital to Synodical Government that the thoughts of members from every chaplaincy are shared.  The numbers to be elected in each archdeaconry / deanery are as follows:


                                                Clergy Laity

Eastern                                                2          2

France                                     3          4

Germany & Northern Europe 2          2

Gibraltar                                  2          4

North West Europe                 2          3

Italy & Malta                            1          2

Switzerland                             1          2


Total to be elected                  13        19


The Dean, Archdeacons and members of General Synod are ex officio members of Diocesan Synod

Swift action to encourage nominees is advised as forms must be obtained from the Diocesan Office and must be returned by 21st August 2012. Ballot papers will then be issued with a final count on 26th October.