Scenes From Cathedral Life

The Cathedral for the Diocese in Europe is in Gibraltar. It also serves as a parish church for the Chaplaincy on the Rock and, like any other church, is a focal point for many events - such as the special service in July - in our main picture - when dignitaries joined the congregation and diocesan Bishop Geoffrey for a special Diamond Jubilee service to honour the Queen.

Suffragan Bishop David has also been in Gibraltar recently for a Confirmation Service

Gib confirmation group

The Cathedral is also greatly helped financially by the efforts of this doughty band of ladies who run the Charity Shop

Gib Charity shop ladies

Much restoration work has been done at the Cathedral and during the Bishop's visit he was presented with a cheque for £500 for the Restoration Appeal by Mr Wayne Smith and Ms S. Valarino. The money raised by the Kings Chapel Singer at a recent concert with the Valladolid Youth Orchestra from Spain.

Gib cheque presentation