Strategic Review Takes Diocesan Changes Forward

The Measure which will allow changes in the way that the Diocese operates has been given final approval by the church and goes before parliament in November a meeting of the Bishops Council in London has been told (18th October 2012).

Following Royal Assent the Church Commissioners would then be given the power to provide funding, in line with that provided to the other 43 dioceses of the Church of England. This should support the cost of funding four full-time Archdeacons with proper support for their pastoral and mission initiatives.

A timetable is being drawn up for further progress to be made and it is hoped that from May 2013 there will be a clearer indication of what funding will be available and what can be achieved. When the Diocesan Synod meets in June 2013 the future plans can be pursued with a clearer knowledge of what can be done.

Another speaker at Bishops Council, The Reverend Beatrice Brandon, Archbishops´ Adviser for the Healing Ministry, focused on how the diocese is prepared to meet the challenge of offering the full range of Christian healing ministry.

She underlined the need for proper training and authorization for the healing ministry in all its fullness and challenged the members of Bishops Council to consider whether more could be done and how the diocese should be organized so that people seeking help are offered a proper prepared response.

Beatrice Brandon