In The Steps Of St. Jacut

Representatives of the 32 French chaplaincies and congregations – who represent some 50 or more worship centres across France have been meeting at their annual Synod in Brittany.

The Abbaye of St. Jacut is a beautiful setting overlooking an inlet, not far from the port of St Malo. Legend has it that St Jacut was a son of St Gwen who fled with her family from Ireland, across Britain in the 5th Century when imperial Roman troops withdrew and pagans tried to reclaim the land. So Jacut landed in Brittany where he and his family continued to spread the faith.

Despite industrial action causing cancelled planes and trains in France delegates came for the 3 day event which included challenging Bible studies by Rev Dr Paul Vrolik, from the Aquitaine, on the life and fortunes of Jacob (see picture below). Dr Keith Clement gave a pan European setting to trends and developments as they affect Christians, and there were updates on Safeguarding, Communications and Environment news.

Vrolik Bible study

French Synod group