Afghan Focus For Bishop’s Lent Appeal

This year’s appeal, launched by Bishop David, has some unique aspects – it aims to raise money for a longer term project, it will be helped by grant funding from the European Union and it has a specific target. As before it is hoped that congregations will organise sponsored events, Lent lunches, collections or other fund raising activities to meet the challenge. Bishop David says:-

This year the Bishop’s Lent Appeal is in partnership with Christian Aid, to support the education and empowerment of over 1,000 women in Afghanistan. Afghan women and girls, already at a disadvantage in a country devastated by years of conflict, have also been excluded from education and participation in community life under the oppressive rule of the Taliban. This project will help to set women free, through providing literacy and education, training in their rights, and providing funds in communities for small grassroots projects to benefit marginalised women and youth. The empowering of women in this ancient land is key to building the future of this country, which actually borders with our own Diocese in Europe. 

Christian Aid has given over this project uniquely to us in this Diocese, and has secured 3:1 matching funding from the EU. So our own gifts will be partnered with European international development money to provide substantial support to this work. I would like to challenge the faithful of our congregations to raise at least £15,000, which with EU matching funding will mean that a total of £60,000 will benefit this important project.

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