Synod Snippets From Our Delegates

Diocesan Environmental Officer Madeleine Holmes sends our first report from this week’s sessions.

Tuesday 10 February at 6pm

“Today's debate to highlight gender based violence and for our churches to be aware and have training days as some churches have done already.  This includes all kinds of gender based violence whether through tradition, religion or poor education (such as with child marriages, female genital surgery as well as domination through torture, etc).  

“There is a free book from CHASE Churches alert to sex trafficking across Europe - a resource for worship, education and action – The 3rd Sunday in May is “Not for Sale Sunday” The book has a Foreword by Rowan Williams.

“It was encouraging at the Ethical Investment presentation today to see that the Diocese in Europe is already very active and aware of our Ethical responsibilities.

“Wednesday sees a Southwark motion, which a group of us have been working on... environment and a call for the church to lead the way in a bigger way...... I hope to participate in that.”

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