Madeleine Asks Us To Raise “our Voices”

Madeleine Holmes, Diocesan Environment Officer, is just back from an exciting event in St Paul’s Cathedral on Wednesday 7May 2014.  The United Nations, churches, investors, security experts and environmentalists came together to highlight the pressing importance of collective action on climate change.

The event look at the challenges faced and highlighted what faith communities, the City and the UK at large can do to help.

The main practical result of the evening is the launch of

 Madeleine recommends church members across Europe to check out the website and says “Our goal is for millions of people around the world of all faiths and beliefs to express their concern for our precious planet by signing this special petition The more who sign, the louder our voices become. The louder our voices, the more our politicians will finally have the confidence to act.

Please hope and pray for the leaders to make a meaningful agreement in Paris 2015 - and please spread the word.

While building the big number, will also amplify the inspiring work and messages from existing organisations.”

The full speech of Christiana's keynote is available here:

Photos from the evening are ready here: (Feel free to use these as you wish, attribution to: Graham Lacdao, St Paul's Cathedral)