Ark To Noah’s Message In Denmark

Pauleen Bang reports from Copenhagen on a novel way of bringing a Bible classic to new life.

“Noah’s Ark has been moored in the harbour at Copenhagen this week! I took the opportunity to visit the Ark and found it was very interesting and humorous. The man behind this project is Dutch and called Aad Peters. Apparently he is quite famous - try Googling him.

“This Noah's Ark (70 metrrs long - is that the same size as the original?) has been called "Europe's first floating Bible theme park". There are models of lots of scenes from the OT and a few from the NT. Many of them are quite funny but often badly translated. There are depictions including:-

  • Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden (Adam has a belly button, Eve hasn't!)
  • The tree of life "grows" right through the ark
  • Moses is in a "basket"
  • David and Goliath are poised for the fight
  • King Solomon stands ready to cut the baby in half
  • Moses has the 10 commandments – and among the many other cameos;
  • Samson and Delilah have a love match over an appointment at the barber shop!

“There is a Hebrew text which can be interpreted "Let there be light". There are, obviously, lots of animals, some huge (the giraffes are almost as tall as the ark), but they are all soft toys. There is a sign in the shop, in Danish, warning "Thou shalt not steal". The details below it read:-

In case of theft

We will make you read the Bible for a long time

"Thou shalt not steal" (8th commandment)

After that we will pray with you

Then we will ring the police

And, after a very long time, we will forgive you!”

Noah's commandments