Uplifting Ascension Vision In Belgium And The Netherlands

Ascension Day recently was marked with an event at St Boniface Antwerp. 30 people from the North West Archdeaconry met to tell the stories of what God has been doing in their lives and churches. Canon Mark Collinson, Area Dean, says “We heard about the new congregations that have been started, and in some cases closed. We heard about offering a ministry of the presence of God in the EU institutions and the Chapel for Europe. The executive leader of CMS, Philip Mounstephen, (former Chaplain of St Michael's Paris) also offered his reflections on the conversations. Ascension Day was an appropriate day to be thinking about going to fulfil the Great Commission. The day started with a celebration of the Eucharist, and throughout we were hosted by Father Andrew Wagstaff and Ann & Bob Turner.” 

The day was organised and hosted by the Mission Working Party, which reports to the Archdeaconry Synod. The conversations raised a number of interesting questions and the selection below offers a flavour of the day

1. Do clergy help or hinder growth?

2. What sort of leadership (training) do we need to facilitate growth? 

3. How do we meet the challenges of ministering in a transient context? 

4. Is what we currently do in our gatherings enabling church members to be disciple-making disciples?

5. Is community a core value or a by-product of ministry?

6. Have we got anything to say to society that they are interested in hearing about? 

7. The global church is a gift to Europe? How do we value that gift? 

Appropriately an uplifting time on Ascension Day offering answers to those probing questions and more in a setting with shared worship and fellowship.

Antwerp Ascension