Anglicanism In Tongues On An Atlantic Island

Rev Jennifer Elliott de Riverol, from All Saints Tenerife, tells how her language skills were put to the test recently when she was invited to give a talk in Spanish at the Evangelical Baptist Church in Sta Cruz de La Palma about the Anglican Church and her personal vision as a female priest serving in La Palma, with worship in Roman Catholic churches. 

Jennifer says “The participants have recently completed an Alpha course so I talked about ways of worship and the liturgy we use, content of services, Orders of Services and so on and I took samples for them to look at. We also discussed The Lord's Prayer, the Apostles' Creed and baptism. Following the initial presentation and Bible study, I invited people to ask questions. It seemed to go well and I've been invited to return another day. It was certainly a new experience and an example of how language and culture barriers can be broken down.”