Facebook’s Role In Music Ministry

Pauleen Bang writes from Copenhagen; “Keeping in touch within our Nordic and Baltic Deanery using Facebook (as featured in the latest edition of the European Anglican) has had a joyous result.

“St. Alban's Copenhagen had some hymnbooks which we no longer needed, so we offered them through our Facebook page if anyone was interested in them. The White Nile congregation in Vaasa, Finland, led by Rev Amos Manga said they would love them.

“Even better, John Mills, one of our Deanery representatives, was coincidentally travelling to Helsinki during the summer and agreed to hand them over. From there the chaplain in Helsinki, Rev. Tuomas Mäkipää, agreed to take them with him next time he visits Amos and the congregation in Vaasa.

“John handed them over to churchwarden Sarah Frechette when he attended a service at the Mikael Agricola Church in Helsinki. Rev Tuomas was delighted and said "This is brilliant". It just goes to show how keeping in touch in this way can have wonderful results!”