Norwegian Churches Welcome Tall Ships In Bergen

Rev Sammy Masemola contacted us to tell how Bergen Anglican Church joined fellow Christians to witness during the Tall Ships race which came to the Norwegian city at the weekend.

The link to a newspaper report is here

If your Norwegian is not too hot it says:- “Saturday morning it was time for ecumenical worship service on board Statsraad Lehmkuhl. Priests from different faiths gathered. The Dean and acting bishop, Jan Otto Myrseth took the opportunity to take up what has happened in the world lately, but also that which has characterized Norway in recent days.

“This may sound naive, but I believe Jesus is present in Syria, Gaza, Sudan, Tel Aviv, and while we are here listening now, with the potentially impending terrorist attack”, said Myrseth. He believes it was natural to take up the offer to lead worship at The Tall Ships Races.

“It reminds us that we live in a world with much turmoil. As I said in the speech, it is unrealistic to believe that we live in a world without it. Therefore, we must find our way to live in this, and it is natural for us to find peace and support in a God who is near us, he said after the service.”

Those who were present at the ecumenical service, the Catholic Church, the Anglican Church and the Norwegian Church.

Churchwarden Kjell Bertil Nyland was very pleased with the event. “Marine life and the church are intertwined. I have worked as a priest in the Church Abroad for 31 years. There are not many people living so close to the elements as sailors”, he said. 

Bergen ships service